Monday, October 21, 2013

Once again, far too long between updates! I have been missing blogging a lot, even if I’ve been very active on social media I haven’t really had too much of a voice other than through images. I came to the conclusion recently that maybe that’s what this blog needs to become, more of my words, and more of a diary of my journey with this business. 

Since my last post, things have been absolutely exploding in the best possible way. I now have 5 casual employees to help me with sewing, posting and packing, accounts, and cutting. My work was featured in Britney Spears recent film clip for ‘Work Bitch’. The Pentagram harness was on the cover of Acclaim Magazine. And one of my pictures is in Vogue Australia! My retailers have increased, as has my volume, and there are so many exciting things in the pipeline I can barely contain myself most of the time. Now that I do have all this help and things are starting to run with a bit more efficiency, I might just have a little more time for things like this.

I feel so incredibly grateful to still be doing it, and really can’t believe how much everything has changed in the past year. From almost packing up shop last August, to just passing 22k followers on Instagram this week – I’m still somewhat in disbelief.

With all that in mind there was actually a purpose for this post – which is to let everyone know the styles I will be discontinuing when the new collection arrives in a few weeks! So here they are. 

12. Jerry Knickers (New and improved version coming soon)
14. Wendy Frame Bra (New and improved version coming soon
15. Dia Top


Therése S said...

Your designs are very beautiful. Sexy beautiful. // Tess S.

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