Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going Going Gone Part 2!

I've had to make a few more edits to what I'm removing from the shop to make room for all the new pieces - so here they are!

Some of what I'm taking out will still be available on special order - so even if you miss out feel free to email me with any queries. 

I am also hoping to do more little limited editions in the future, so it won't necessarily be the last you see of these shapes!

1. Charlotte T-Shirt
2. Xanthe Skirt 
3. Jeanne Bamboo Knickers
4. Veronica Polka Dot Knickers
5. Lara Bodysuit
6. Alison G-String
7. Nancy Polka Dot Bralette
8. Megan Garters 


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Panty Buns said...

OMG, those lingerie fashions your shop let go of were gorgeous! I love the designs and appearance ot the Xanthe Skirt, of the appearance ad style of the high-waisted full coverage Jeanne Bamboo Knickers, and of the Megan Garters.

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