Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Top 5 - by Alicia Hannah Naomi

This weeks Top 5 is brought to you by the beautiful Alicia Hannah Naomi of Sea of Ghosts (click here). Alicia's blog has been a long standing favourite of mine, her sleek and somewhat dark minimalist eye is so refined and I really admire her commitment to her aesthetic. I am waiting with baited breath to see what she does next with her jewellery line, I know I will want one of everything! Read on for Alicia's Top 5 Gemstones. 

1. Rock Crystal 

I love rock crystal most honestly because it's most frequently presented in a fairly raw state; it doesn't get cut into fancy shapes, it's often just tumbled or polished. I love organic geometry and rock crystal is a great naturally occurring source of that.

2. Rutilated and Tourmalinated Quartz

I'm sorry I lumped these together because they're not the same stone - even though they are frequently confused by name. These are quartz with needle-like inclusions. The gold is rutile inclusions and the black is tourmaline. These stones are gorgeous no matter how they're cut. The needles give the ordinary quartz a really fabulous dimension and because no set of inclusions are ever the same they always unique and special. Inclusions can occur in other types of quartz, such as smoky quartz, too. 

3. Tourmaline

This crazy watermelon coloured stone is probably not what you were expecting to make this list; but it's that very reason I love it so much. Multicoloured stones really excite me because of the variety you can get from them and tourmaline really tops that list - it most typically occurs in pink/green but tourmaline can be found in almost every colour under the sun. It's a great looking stone irrespective of cut.

4. Labradorite

The metallic nature of this stone and it's unpredictability of colour and tone makes it an ultimate favourite for me.  It looks best cut en cabochon (rounded, no facets) - when its faceted the labradoresence (metallic play of colours) doesn't stand out so much and the stone becomes less multidimensional. In that faceted state the stone typically has a flat murky green/brown colouring and often has deep black veins running through. It's very dark and moody though, which suits my aesthetic nicely. 

5. Rainbow Moonstone

The pale ghost-like spectral array of tones in Rainbow Moonstone makes it another favourite and the last on my list. This stone is also most frequently cut en cabochon to enhance the play of colours-  but often can be found in interesting shapes such as teardrop or marquise.

Gaby & Alicia xoxo


Sushi said...

Gorgeous post, I love Alicia's blog too! That crystal that looks like a slice of watermelon looks good enough to eat x Sushi

oni said...

this is a really great, beautiful and informative post! love

harbourmaster said...

Ohhhh quartz with a squillion fractured lines inside, be still my beating heart! I am also extremely excited about Alicia's new jewellery line, just put me down for the same as Gaby please.

Kate said...

My engagement ring is a green tourmaline. I have never seen the 'watermelon' variety. Amazing.