Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 5 - by Cailtin Shearer

The very last of the new blog features I have to share is the one I am perhaps most excited about - Top 5's! I plan on featuring my friends and people I admire in these guest posts, through a Top 5 of their choice. I have a few lined up already and really look forward to sharing them!

First up is one of my all time favourite artists - Caitin Shearer, who I have written about many times before! If you don't know the work of Caitlin already, you must visit her blog, and her store, and get lost in her wonderfully romantic world of watercolour and ink.

From Caitlin:

My Top 5 Kate Bush costumes:
(In no particular order. If only had the opportunity to include each and every one she ever wore!)
1. A bright red tent dress which turns her into a human square. Perfect for those kooky dances of hers. Featured in publicity stills.
2. A silver sparkly unitard with a satin ribbon belt, as seen in some of her early unofficial video clips. She glows! Crimped hair makes an appearance.
3. The Ballerina Dunce outfit from the sat in your lap video and record cover.
4. Late 70's are all about spandex and curves to die for. A lot of her outfits from this time are just leotards and high heels.
5. Kate's saucy red dress and double bass (which doubles as a dance partner) in the Babooshka video.

Gaby & Caitlin xoxo

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