Monday, August 2, 2010

Wine, Ink and The Beach

I made a resolution a year or so ago to draw one picture every day. It was a huge failure and I picked up a pen for the first time in I'm not sure how many months last night. Inspiration was Marcel Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase' - one of my favourite paintings. I drew the first page looking at this painting. 

There is such a huge difference between the illustrations I do for fun, and those I do with the intention of actually making up. Nick spilt red wine on my ideas for things to to actually sew, but I liked the colour so I thought I would put it up here. Sometimes I wish I had a little workshop like Karl Lagerfeld and I could just show them my drawings and they can figure out how to put them together. Without the limitations of not having the right machinery, and money to buy all the necessary findings and trimmings. Unfortunately at the end of the day there is so much more thought that has to go into each piece other than what it looks like on a piece of paper. How will I make the pattern? How will it look on different body types? How will I finish the edges? How will it close? What fabric? What fusing? And it goes on.... Still its nice to draw without thinking about those things sometimes. And hopefully my sewing skills will match the pictures I have in my head some day soon.

There is also a picture in there of some pieces from the new range. I am about half way there!

Gaby xoxo


Laura said...

I totally understand what you mean by "dream" designs vs ones that can actually happen! I started off with lots of wonderfully complicated designs but when it took me days to make them, it made me see simplicity to be equally as wonderful!


Miss Woody said...

perfect inspirations !

NeverEverEmma said...

Your new range is looking intriguing, Gaby. I love the black triangles on red. Can't wait to see the end result.

harbourmaster said...

I know exactly what you mean. Designing fabulous things and actually physically constructing fabulous things are far apart in my world! The fact that I hate sewing anything more than once doesn't help either! The fact that you think about construction details really marks you as a great designer though, it means you think through each garment fully and end up with a better product for it.

Miki's scrapbook said...

You make beautiful things! If only I could afford them :(.