Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am hoping my Tumblr obsession will die down soon so I can actually get some things done. I am very late on the uptake of it, but its just really fun. Have a look in more detail here http://hopelessdinosaurs.tumblr.com/ Warning: Probably NSFW.  

Gaby xoxo


esme and the lane way said...

I am late to the tumblr party too – reading them, that is – but I must say that your one is my favourite at the moment. I love your mix of vintage and horror, and humour. It is right up my ally!

Jessi Lou said...

That is so cool! Some really great choices in there that I recognize.


Gaby and Jane said...

Thank you both!

Right now it has turned into an unhealthy obsession hahah

Gaby xo