Friday, June 4, 2010

Up and Down

I have had an incredible roller-coaster of a week. I hate that I haven't posted anything here since Sunday! I have been amazingly busy with some very very highs and also some very very lows. But that is just life, and all I can do is just keep going. 

I am in love with the top picture of the girl with the coloured fascinator. I have had an idea for a while to do coloured sequins on veiling headpieces - but that might have to wait until I get the next Hopeless range done. I found the picture through Jane at Sea of Shoes other blog - They don't call them lovers in highschool, Leeland - which I absolutely love. She finds some incredible and obscure images that I just find really refreshing.

I made a few pairs of knickers for a market stall last night at a Burlesque event which went wonderfully. I am thinking of putting these in the shop but my photography is so appalling I am not sure if I will or not! Gaby xoxo


Jen Jen said...

That's awesome on last night :) the bottoms look amazing :) wow love love love.. you photography is good! don't put yourself down - they look great :)

I know how you feel in re of one of those weeks.. I do hope it picks up for you darling!


Sundae said...

I would love to see those bottoms in your shop, they look absolutely gorgeous!

Ligeia said...

those bottoms are so gorgeaous!

hope this week will be a bit more relaxed missy!


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