Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Night Movie Night

I came across Viy on Tumblr after seeing a screenshot and doing a little research - which is pretty much how I seem to come across most of these kinds of obscure films. It's a Russian film from 1967, and the story follows a priest who is ordered to watch over a dead witch for three nights in an old church, and protect himself from the evil spirits she awakens. The visuals of this film are incredible, and rather than go into much more I really wanted to share some screenshots, I so wish I had seen this film while doing my last collection as it is pretty much perfect for that brief! Anyway I will definitely keep it on file for the next time I do a creepy range. 


ALCOHOLS said...

I´ve had this film in my computer for over a year now and still haven´t seen it! And guess how I came across it - I also saw a screencap (in a book though) and thought I gotta see this! x

Ms.Paradise said...

Thank you , for sharing this. A must see...Hopefully, I can find it!