Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night Movie Night

First of all let me start by saying that Once Bitten is not a good movie. But if you have been following this blog for a little while you should know that it is not hard for me to find merit in these cheesy, poorly written 1980's comedies. Jim Carey and Lauren Hutton are reason enough for this to be worth a watch, and the outfits are fantastic. My favourite scene involves a dance-off between the head vampire (Lauren Hutton) and Jim Carey's high school girlfriend, and really, who doesn't love a good 80s dance-off. If this looks like something you might want to experience you can watch the whole thing on Youtube here. I do warn you though - the song will be stuck in your head for weeks. 

Starring: Jim Carey, Lauren Hutton
Year: 1985
Director: Howard Storm
Genre: Comedy (IMDB claims it is also horror, I would have to disagree)
What it's about: A sexy 80s vampire who needs to feed on the blood of a virgin, who are apparently hard to find, in the 80s. 
Awesome outfit rating: 10/10
Watch if you like: Any 80s high school movie
Eat: This Beer Crust Pizza
Drink: What else but this Bloody Mary
Gaby's Rating: 7/10, not even apologising for enjoying bad movies

Gaby xoxo

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