Monday, November 12, 2012

Alice Bralette & Jeanne Knickers by Jessie Obialor

I can't believe a week has been and gone and I haven't had the chance to update things here once! It's so great that things are getting busier but in all honesty it has been very difficult to keep up. On top of the current range selling really well I have a few wholesale orders and markets over summer, not to mention a new range in the works and of course general life stuff - blogging has just fallen down the list of priorities. 

I have been muttering some mottos to myself recently, as it feels like it is the only way to keep my sanity - Little by little, one step at a time, work smarter not harder. Even as I write this and think about the mountain of sewing, emails, and errands those lines are running through my head. 

I have had these beautiful shots saved to my desktop for a couple of weeks now - (see the full set here) I love seeing how other stylists and photographers put together my pieces and showing things in a new light. The new pieces have been really popular with stylists too so I should have a lot more to share over the coming months. 

Anyway, just wanted to write a little note that I am still here and keen to get back to my blogging schedule and regular features, just have to keep repeating those words... little by little....

Gaby xoxo

Photo: Jessie Obialor
Model: Mon @ Giant
MUAH: Leonie Karagiannis


Grosir Lingerie said...

Nice bralette. I like to see it

Milex said...

totally right for my taste