Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top 5 - by Andi B. Goode

This weeks Top 5 is brought to you one of my favourite internet movie friends Andi. Have a look through her style blog here and her amazing film blog here!

"Hi all, Andi here. I'm very pleased to be doing this week's top 5 & sharing my (by no means definitive) Top 5 lingerie moments in 60s films."

Daisies is a film that I have only watched through once and I still haven't entirely processed or understood, I think, though it has had a lasting effect on me. Aesthetically, though, it is very accessible and appealing. Marie I and Marie II spend most of the film in their babydoll dresses or in various states of undress, Marie II with her flower crown and both with dark, heavy eye make-up. There are many contrasts between extravagance and excess and destitution. Food and eating is a prominent symbol for the aforementioned extravagance.

Come September is delightfully colourful and captures the fun qualities of early '60s fashion perfectly. The differing ages between the two female leads allows for a more youthful look to be presented by Sandra Dee and a slightly saucier more grown up one from the gorgeous Gina Lollobrigida. I love this film so much that I've actually written about it before!

I love love LOVE the 1960s beach party movies but I will admit they are more or less interchangeable. All are fantastic showcases of early 60s swimwear and many also have great examples of 60s nightwear. This particular film happens to have muscle men, as well, and the usual go-go dancer Candy Johnson in her wonderful fringed outfit. And Annette Funicello's gravity-defying 'dos are no small attraction, either.

Much of the action of Peeping Tom, Powell's disturbing 1960s thriller, takes place in the shadows and in the dark room. Women are often viewed at a distance through Mark's camera(s) or bit by bit as though not real. It is one of the most unsettling movies about movies/moving images that I've seen (though many will not think it holds up - I disagree: any movie about a man who brutally murders women will always be disturbing to me, no matter how much or little violence is actually seen.) It's a little difficult to point out the various beautiful costumes and not get serious about this film but it is one of my favourites and one that has stuck with me.

This movie is very much a comment on Swinging London and, as such, showcases a whole range of gorgeous 1960s fashions from the more pinup style of those pictured above to babydoll dresses, and Rita Tushingham's cloaks and long granny frocks. This film is a lot of fun and can get very silly but it's well worth a watch and a great '60s artefact. I wrote a more in-depth post about this film at my movie blog when I first watched it.

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Kailey said...

LOVE this Andi!

Constance said...

love those steals!

Andi B. Goode said...

Thanks, Kailey! I had a great time writing it.
And thanks again for asking, Gaby. It looks great on here!