Monday, October 22, 2012

A Dystopian Future

2001 A Space Odyssey, Jean Paul Gaultier

Since releasing my last collection 'The Death' - as an exercise in restraint and stripping back my aesthetic, I have started thinking about where to go next. As much as I loved working in all black I know I need to start thinking about colour again, but I think it will be in a very different way than before. I like the idea of picking one colour, and working with shades, or again placing restrictions on myself with minimal materials. I think it forces me to think about shapes and design much more than just thinking I will do the same style in 8 different colourways - something that is so common in the lingerie industry. And I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but for Hopeless I want the focus to be on something else. 

As well as colour a theme I have been thinking a lot about is rebirth and new life. When looking at my wardrobe and around my house I have the desperate feeling to purge everything and start again, but I don't really have the resources to do so. What I have been doing is bagging old clothes and finding as many objects as I can to throw away, sell, or donate, and thinking much more intensively about what I do buy and how it fits into my life. We live in such a disposable world, and in the past I have hoarded so many trinkets and things thinking I will use them, but now I just want a clear space to create and keep myself organised. 

So if the last collection was about death, it follows quite logically that the next one will be about birth, or new life. I have many ideas about how that might happen, and nothing is set in stone just yet, but one potential path of inspiration I have been thinking about is past representations of the future. This is one of my favourite themes ever and I am very excited about exploring it. There seems to be two different types of future represented in film and art - you have the sleek, minimalist, computerized future, or the dystopian society where everything is dark, dirty, and sinister.

In the same way I love the contradiction of horror films and lingerie, I also love the idea of a grimy, cold, and robotic dystopian future inspiring my designs. It is so much more interesting than being inspired by flowers or sunsets. In this instance I feel like the minimalist future might be the obvious choice, so I really want to challenge myself and see how I can interpret dystopia into something beautiful.

So from here I wanted to share some of my favourite films and designers that capture this dystopia, and a few that are more on the sleek and minimalist side. I found a comprehensive list of all future movies here if you want to read about some more too. I hope you enjoy looking through this as much I enjoyed putting it all together!

Gaby xoxo

Barberella, Alexander Wang, Love Aesthetics

Escape from LA, Zana Bayne


Iris van Herpen

Event Horizon

Iris van Herpen


Robocop, Thierry Mugler


Anonymous said...

Awesome Post. Totally going to check out Barbarella and Escape to LA. Zara Baynes work is incredible- takes leather harnesses to a whole new level of shape and detail.
Thanks Gaby x

Kailey said...

This post is P E R F E C T! I've been collecting pictures like these and just calling in "Blade Runner-esque" - now I have the much fancier title "Dystopian" AND some wonderful images to add to the folder! Thank you for sharing <3 <3

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

Thanks guys! Took me ages to put together so I am really glad to hear you liked it :)

And yes how good is the word Dystopian!

Goo Girls said...

wowowow this is like so on point for me inspiration-wise right now. I mean I'm always down for some spacey vibes but I'm getting particularly dark and totally dystopian. The images you picked are amazing too, really great finds!


Andi B. Goode said...

I really love this idea and this theme! I completely forgot about Forbidden Planet when you asked on twitter! I love the different kinds of future films, too, and how some of the Dystopian ones tend toward past fashions (like Blade Runner and Brazil) to show how society kind of regresses in some ways? Oh, and I also forgot about Gattaca!!!
-Andi x

harbourmaster said...

Amazing amazing amazing. You always pull the best screenshots! I STILL haven't seen 2001 OR Barbarella (shame on me) but Escape from LA is a firm favourite.

Yes future-minimal is often all a bit too easy (though, of course, exercising restraint often isn't). I like the idea of future dystopia where aesthics and functionality have to join forces.

meagan said...

omg, i can relate to this so hard. i wore all black for...10 years?!?! and in the past couples years or so ive grown bored with it, and am experimenting with color, and other other ways to express myself. its always helpful to go back to the thing you love and figure out a context for it, rather than a style, if that makes any sense. it probably doesn't but anyway. lovely collection of imagaes as usual :)