Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Movie Night

So I've got this set up now where I sit my laptop behind my sewing machine and can get through like 4-5 movies in a day. This is both good and bad. I legitimately worry I might run out of movies to watch. Is that even possible?! Anyway, I've been going through a lot of 80s and 90s romances and dramas, not my usual thing - but there are some really great ones out there. 

Fatal Attraction is a great film not only because of the brilliance that is Michael Douglas, and an enthralling storyline - but also the set and costume design that support the descent into madness. The use of white in this movie is really striking, I love so much when when colour is used in this way - to support the story, and the journey of the characters. And on a quick side note I'm changing my list to include some new things - you can have a good movie, that is really boring, and you can have a bad movie, that are really entertaining. It's in development, but for now that will be summed up by the 'Quality movie rating' and 'Entertainment rating' - hopefully that is self explanatory! 

Starring: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close
Year: 1987
Director: Adrian Lyne
Genre: Drama, Thriller
What it's about: Obsession 
Awesome outfit rating: 5/10
Watch with: Your new boyfriend
Watch if you like: Single White Female, Basic Instinct, Indecent Proposal
Watch when: First date
Eat: Rabbit Stew
Drink: Red Wine
Quality movie rating: 8/10
Entertainment rating: 10/10

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