Sunday, August 19, 2012

Art School

Kazimir Malevich Black Square 1915

Recently my eye has been gravitating to a much more minimalist aesthetic. I am usually drawn to things that are over the top and detailed but I think that I am yearning for a clean slate, and a clean start somewhat. There is so much beauty in clean, simple shapes, and I am very much enjoying thinking about this with my designs too. 

Malevich originally explored Cubism and Futurism in his paintings, but is most well known as the founder of Suprematism. I absolutely love this era of modern art - and the journey from where photography replaced the need for painting, and artists began exploring form, colour, and the purpose of art after representation. There were a few different movements around the world at this time that came upon different kinds of abstract representation, but for me Suprematism and Malevich are the pinnacle. Read more about the movement here. 

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