Monday, July 23, 2012

Art School

A little late with this one, because to be honest I actually completely forgot. But that's okay, better late than never.

I signed up to Pinterest recently - and the OCD in me is thoroughly enjoying putting things into groups. One of my favourite so far has been this board - Words. As big as my love for B-grade movies, is my love of the B-grade graphic design that goes along with them. Some days I have fantasies about giving up sewing and going and studying graphic design, in a kind of 'the grass is always greener' way - but really Hopeless gives me an outlet to do this kind of thing if I want. More so than dreaming about graphic design I dream about the day where I have an endless budget to make a B-grade movie, design all the costumes, the sets, the posters, merchandise, collectables. I suppose that's why I have set up this new blog structure, to give me an outlet for all these fantasies! Anyway, I'm rambling, might just leave it there. 

Gaby xoxo

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Grace said...

That Phantasom one is hilarious!