Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 5

This week's Top 5 is brought to you by one of my most talented friends, responsible for so many of my favourite Hopeless pictures - Jo Duck. (Click here to look at her website!)

From Jo:

I work from a very cold studio. Some days, when my business doesn't require me to see anyone face to face, I choose to work from home where I have a little heat cube, a blanket, a shower which doesn't mind what time I visit him and a fridge full of delicious yums. I also have a tv in my house. With foxtel.

As a child, my only exposure to The Love Boat was when Maria sings the theme song in Sister Act 2 (Back in the habit. Best titled sequel EVER), but I was so darn pleased when channel 11 started showing 'The Love Boat' at 11am daily. I haven't seen every episode. I used to try to tape it daily if I had to work, then watch it in the evening, but unfortunately being a Love Boat super fan takes a lot of time and I can't keep up my habit. I'm lucky now to see one episode a week.

The following five moments are from the episodes I've been lucky enough to see, and document with my phone.

Please enjoy my top 5!

1. Isaac's head on the beer.

Isaac is the ship's bartender. And if you'd like to see what racism was like in the 70s, you should tune in when Isaac get's his own personal story lines. But I digress, this episode featured Vincent Price as a magician who is spending too much time on magic, and not enough time with his wife. To entertain a table of young vacationers, Vincent Price abra-cadabra's Isaac's head on top of this beer. MAGIC!

2. Carol Channing's dress from every angle.

3. A lot of the inspiration I get for my fashion photography comes from 50s music, culture, films, photography & fashion. I love the fifties. Do you know who else loved the fifties? The seventies. As I recall, someone is trying to out-do Julie's Cruise Director role by putting on all kinds of activities for the passengers. The sock hop is a huge failure but Doc, Isaac & Gopher all get in their fifties garb and end the scene with a sad and pathetic fifties dance while a laugh track plays and the camera pans back. Simple but effective.

4. Anything with The Mermaids!

If, like me, you enjoy choreographed dancing & sparkles reminiscent of a teenage girls calisthenics performance, then you'll love The Mermaids! The Mermaid's were the ship's dancing girls. They were brought on in 1985 when The Love Boat was losing viewers and the story lines were wearing thinner than Stubing's hair (zing!). Most routines end in high kicks.

I have often dreamed of a bar which would provide this kind of entertainment. Where you could get champagne, sit down and watch the dry ice float around the feather boas. A piece of trivia too - one of the mermaids is Teri Hatcher. - Stick around on this one. The dancing gets a little crazy at the 1.10 mark. - So Excited. - Amy's idea, Raining Men. - Sexy outfits, pelvic thrusting, sexy face close ups and provocative lyrics. - The Mermaids, featuring the Temptations.

My apologies for the annoying voice over. It seems only the eastern Europeans (?) appreciate The Mermaid's enough to upload content.

5. I just had to sneak this one in because technically, it's not one of my top five moments because unfortunately I haven't seen the episode. But I had heard rumours about this, so I did some research and found out it was true. Andy Warhol was on The Love Boat, well after its decline, in 1985. In his book "Andy Warhol's Diary" he talks about being on the TV Show & how he was nervous and kept messing up his lines. Also starring in the episode was 'Happy Days' star Tom Bosley.

There are so many more moments, including a cliff hanger where in one episode a mother describes her son as 'slightly retarded' then in the next as 'minimally retarded' when Captain Stubing's daughter falls in love with him. But unfortunately I couldn't upload the video (Yes I recorded it when I saw it. Best two moments I've ever seen on tv).

I hope this inspires you to watch an episode, and count how many people leave with pinatas when they get off the boat. So many pinatas!!

Gaby & Jo xoxo

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