Monday, June 11, 2012

Art School

A little late with this weeks 'Art School' post - yesterday I was up at 4am to queue up for a Camberwell Market stall, then off to High Tea for a friends birthday. Needless to say by the time I got home I was in no state to attempt any kind of intellectual discussion!

This week rather than share a painting I wanted to share a book, and then an inspiration. I have a small collection of vintage art books and this is one of my favourites, not for its pictures but for its raggedy edges and stained pages. I love how imperfect it is, the texture of the paper, and especially the style of writing. I miss visiting the library and handling all the old books, it is so much more of an experience than reading things on a screen. 

As I was thinking about this post and the subject of The Madonna, being the person I am, I could not stop my mind from continuously thinking about the other Madonna. I can't help but be a product of my times, so rather than force some sort of commentary on Madonna the mother of Christ - I thought I might just post some pictures of early Madonna because she is a totally awesome lingerie inspiration, and I have never actually posted pictures of her before here. 

Madonna is a living work of art. She appropriates popular culture like no other pop star and no one has managed to make the same impact that she did. As much as I love Beyonce, and admire (but am not really a fan of) Lady Gaga - they just will never even get close to Madonna. 

I love how the meaning of art has changed into something so much bigger than just a painting, or a sculpture, and that in these times a person can be a living work of art. Love to hear your thoughts on this, and who your favourite living work of art might be?

Gaby xoxo


harbourmaster said...

Serious breast envy (and buddies-with-JPG envy) for that last pic! said...

Not bad for a girl out of small town Michigan. I've watched her since she was on the original MTV (back when they showed videos and had the litlle moon man). Shes always been very elegant. Loved the photos. Great job.