Friday, April 13, 2012

The Office

1. & 5. Some of the supplies I found while in Indonesia. Can't wait to find the perfect fabric for these pretties to adorn.
2. Slowly getting my little office in order. I have thrown out 3 garbage bags worth of stuff since I moved in here, and I look around and there is so much more to go. Purging is such a brilliant feeling, I kind of just want my shelves to be empty bar the essentials. I also have dual computers as I only have photoshop and illustrator on my old laptop. Painfully frustrating. 
3. Still finding things to hang on the walls in the new house. So many picture hooks. (This is the Madeline Cami.)
4. Found this at the local op shop recently. Such a great film. Even if Bret Easton Ellis hates it. 

Slowly getting on top of the orders and working on the new range, the first to be produced in Indonesia. Exciting and scary. But mostly exciting. I also have a new logo, almost ready to share!

Gaby xoxo


harbourmaster said...

Exciting!! New spaces for new adventures. Love the wee flowers.

autopsyjude said...

I love your work station! That window in front of the table deal is the best haha