Saturday, January 21, 2012

New York City

As some of you might already know I am currently living it up in New York City. We have been here 2 days and have done so much I can barely remember. We have seen Strawberry Fields, a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, Trump Tower, Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue, Grand Central Station, seen a hundred squirrels, caught the Subway, been in about 5 New York taxis, had New York pizza twice, visited Hell's Kitchen, The Frick Museum, JG Melon's, the Fashion District and a bunch of other things.

I have so many photos already and just wanted to share a couple of my favourites - going to wait until I get home to go through all of them. My mind is totally blown at the fabric and trimmings available here, Melbourne SUCKS for sewing supplies!

Tomorrow Brooklyn, then Tuesday Washington DC!

Gaby xoxox


Hannah said...

Spandex world! no wonder you are having fun!

Junaluska said...

Oooh I love fabric shops and sewing notions. Downtown fashion districts are too fun.

Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

I think I could live in a place called spandex world.
I am loving all the studded fabric trims too, I hope you took an extra suitcase :)

RosesAndSilk said...

I'm so jealous! I really want to go to NYC, sounds like you're having an amazing time!
Spandex world looks like so much fun!!!