Sunday, January 8, 2012


These beautiful shots are self portraits of Chelsea wearing Hopeless Lingerie 'Thalia' Knickers. I mentioned here on the blog some time ago that I wish more people would send me pictures - and I am so thankful that Chelsea obliged! I love the high contrast - and am always amazed at how people can take such incredible images of themselves. See more of her pictures here.

Gaby xoxo


Nadia said...

She looks incredible!! I'm sooooooooooo into your blog. Wonder if there are any other lingerie dedicated blogs around? I'm sure you'd be the right person to ask! I'm obsessed with lingerie... it has probably taken over my obsession of clothing even.

Gaby said...

Hi Nadia!

Thank you so much :) Huge Discount and Foxyman fan right here, so pretty excited to see your comment!

There really aren't too many strict lingerie blogs around - but some I like are, - She doesnt blog too often but totally worth going through her archives!

Should keep you busy for a little while :)

Gaby xo

Gaby said...

Oh and its not entirely lingerie but I do post lots of it - my Tumblr


Anonymous said...

Chelsea is so fierce! SUCH a stunning woman...Beautiful lingerie...amazing images

Only discovered your blog recently. Mother Father PR needed some lingerie themed blogs and this was my first suggestion.

I've also been enjoying your foray into have such talent! so show us more!!! xx

Gaby said...

Thank you so much - I am so insecure about my skills as a 'photographer' haha so I really appreciate the kind words :)

Gaby xo