Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Lace and Skeletons

Some things I have been enjoying this week, and things I enjoy just in general. 

1. A red version of the 'Betty Knickers'. Get your own here.
2. John Willie's miniature book 'Bizarre'.
3. Very tiny Tim Burton merchandise. My house is covered in his little creatures. 
4. Freddy, I always enjoy Freddy. 
5. Perfect little vintage skeleton earrings I found for an absolute steal on Etsy.
6. VHS horror. I especially love the previews before and after these old movies.

And overall I have been really enjoying taking photos, and my red lace dress that served as a backdrop.

I posted the last of the international Christmas orders yesterday, and now have a frantic couple of weeks ahead getting all the Australia orders done. Somewhere in there I have organised a couple of photoshoots too, so lots of exciting things to look forward too!

Gaby xoxo


Vintage Hippo said...

Loooove the colors in this post. You always have fantastic pictures.

Caitlin Shearer said...

John Willie, John Willie! How perfect is his work! especially all the shoes and highly arched feet.

Gaby said...

Thank you!

And yes John Willie!! I wish I had a bigger book of his work, this one is tiny - I do have an ENORMOUS Bill Ward book - who is similar but different..! All pretty ladies though!

Gaby xo