Friday, November 4, 2011

Four women who inspire me to do what I do

Before I started Hopeless almost four years ago, I came across two brands that really pushed me to take the leap into the handmade world. Since that time I came across two more who encourage me with their prolific, unique and wonderful brands. They are all very different in their aesthetic, but what they do share is a strong personality behind the brands, that make their clothes speak even louder. I am currently facing the journey of getting things made by a manufacturer, as I can't maintain the current pace of orders and demand, and I am so amazed at how these women do it! Anyway, as I am excitedly looking into a future of more wholesaling and eventually opening a small Hopeless boutique, I will never cease to be inspired by these four brands and the women behind them. I hope they inspire you too!

I came across Mandate of Heaven back during Myspace days, when I found a picture of Katy Perry wearing a playsuit with hearts on the butt. I soon discovered it was handmade by this amazing brand who use mainly recycled and organic fabric. I LOVE how vintage inspired it all is, because it is still modern too, but crazy and amazing and I just want to wear everything. They have a store in New York and are also stocked at Patricia Field. Their blog has literally thousands of pictures, and its pretty easy to get lost in their little world.

I discovered I'm Your Present some time ago through Fred Flare, which stocked one of the cutest playsuits I had ever seen (a trend in my history emerging? There is just something about a cute playsuit I am a total sucker for). I followed the links and found Kelly, who also handmakes all her garments and sold via this site called 'Etsy'. And then I was like wow, here is a way for me to sell stuff too! I loved how fun her shop was, animal heads, cats, pastels and patterns galore, just such a joy to look through it all. Her Halloween costumes are also pretty amazing, and I am astounded at how her number of orders just keeps growing and growing.

This is a brand I only recently discovered, but I am so fascinated with everything she does. 80s metal will always hold a special place in my heart, and I love how unashamedly she embraces the trash aesthetic. Its amazing, and I wish there were more people in the world who had the guts to dress like this and even crazier every day. Too many studs, fringing and leather is never enough.

I found Nikki Lipstick through Tumblr, and what impresses me most is her ability to get so many girls to send her pictures of themselves in her pasties and printed t-shirts! Girls all over the world, of all shapes and sizes sending near-naked pictures proudly showing off their pasties. She really does have a true cult following and it is very impressive. (Would LOVE for more Hopeless girls to send me pictures by the way! I know you are out there!!)

So that is my list of four women, all very different to each other and myself who remind me that anything is possible, and that thanks to the internet it is possible to build an empire with passion, hard work and unleashed creativity. I would really love to hear who inspires you! Please let me know in the comments!!
Gaby xoxo


Vintage Hippo said...

This post made me smile because after reading your blog for quite some time now, I've recently taken a stab at sewing myself some lingerie! I'm planning on blogging about it soon, but in the meantime I hope you reaize what an inspiration you yourself are to other bloggers/crafty people. :)

Gaby and Jane said...

Thank you so much! To be honest I don't really think about it all haha, I still have so far to go and all I think about is how I can do more!

But really it means a lot to hear that :)

Gaby xoxo

Love at First Blush said...

I definitely was inspired by your brand when I first started Etsy! I still remember your earlier collection with the sailor theme.

It's inspiring to see how you grow your brand!