Monday, June 6, 2011

Russ Meyer 'Supervixens' 1975

An old favourite. I found this along with 33 others ('M' from previous post included) at a closing down video store a few weeks back. Russ Meyer films are a brilliant source of vintage lingerie inspiration - not to mention the bevy of beautifully curvy women. I would love to base a look book around this scene. Every still could be a great picture!

Gaby xoxo


Caitlin Shearer said...

oh cool, i've been wanting to see a russ meyer film for ages, but they are kind of hard to stumble across. Now i know i must!

Gaby and Jane said...

Start with this one or Faster Pussycat Kill Kill :) And I should warn you they are pretty much porn so don't watch it when parents are around or anything hahahah :)

Gaby xo

Teer Wayde said...

Honey I'm a Russ addict! I have all 18 of his films on DVD!

Best past time ever is having a drink with friends and giggling my ass off to them, love Supervixens! Though the only one I got bored watching was FPKK (most likely as there was no nudity) lol.

Swan said...

Russ addict here too :) I called him once and had a very funny conversation with him. It ended with him saying "I'm the only fathead around here!" I'd invited him to be part of a film project. I had written a film based on Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (it didn't get made!) but I wanted him in it. Kitten Natividad said yes though and we drank champagne to that. So that counts :)

Teer you bot gored with FPKK? No. It's so good. So catty.

Swan said...

Did I write bot gored? Wow.

Miss Woody said...

perfect movie !