Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Compostition

First Shot by Vlad Savin, Model Tara McIvor
Last Shot by Me, Model Claire Radbourne
Both wearing Hopeless Lingerie
Everything Inbetween via Madrepadre

I have most definitely caught the photography bug, and I am dying to get more practice. I think it is to do with completing the creative process (or perhaps just being a control freak), but I find it incredibly satisfying to be able to frame and shoot how I want my pieces presented - I have such a close relationship with everything I sew, from the initial idea, to the pattern, toile, fitting and final product, I feel like it is a natural progression in completing the journey. 

That said - if any models reading this would be interested in working TFP to help me practice - email me! Unfortunately there are some constraints (eg. being able to fit my samples) but please let me know if you are!

Other than being very distracted by photography I am juggling a billion things as usual, 6 wholesale orders on the go, a long list of retail orders, getting some financial plans in place, preparing the new range - little time left over for blogging sadly. But a reminder I do update little Hopeless Dinosaurs more frequently than once a week! Tumblr definitely lends itself to blogging on the go. 

Gaby xoxo

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