Saturday, May 7, 2011


I spent yesterday afternoon with a wonderful team of girls shooting some alternate colourways and other samples I didn't have pictures of for the online stores. I have to thank our model Shohan, who was a joy to work with and made my job as photographer relatively easy. Makeup by Sarah who to my delight did the most beautiful yellow eyes which I am so in love with. Hair by Natascha who created perfect romantic waves. And of course the best assistants ever Domi and Alice, who carried, ironed, dressed, cooked and were a huge help. 

Though I have been taking photos for a little while now I really wanted to push myself and try and get a good grasp of aperture, shutter speed and ISO instead of relying on the automatic setting on my SLR. It has been a huge learning curve as I am a complete amateur photographer, and having worked with so many great photographers I have a high standard for how I want photos to turn out. 

We shot from about 4pm and had a very overcast day, and I had hoped for some really dark and moody images so I set the camera up to hopefully achieve this. Looking at the images on my computer now while I am mostly happy with how they turned out given my very limited knowledge there are two areas I think I would work on/change next time. I ignored all advice from tutorials/blogs/photography sites to shoot in RAW, as I only had one card and though it couldn't be that important. I also decided to shoot on a very high ISO setting despite advice that there would be a lot more 'noise' in the picture if I did so. Thinking I wanted the pictures to have a dark, dirty, noisy finish, as this might be a more realistic goal for me than a perfectly flawless glossy image.

So while I am really happy with composition, location, Shohans really great modelling and the styling, I know there are more technical areas of the image that I need a lot more practice with. Which brings me to post production - another area I have very limited knowledge about. I tried to do as little editing as possible, only slight blemish healing, surface blur and curve adjustment, but this was where I really saw how I could have benefited from RAW and a lower ISO setting. 

I would like to practice taking photos more as I really feel like it completes the creative process from the initial design, pattern making, sample making and the final presentation of the product. Though it is hard to be responsible for so much. Of course a large part of this journey is the fact that good professional photography is expensive, and given the small size of my business if I can do it myself sometimes, it might help. 

Anyway I would really appreciate honest feedback about the pictures above, I have 10 or 15 more that I will post over the next week or so and put into the shop, but I think I need to space out the editing as it stresses me out too much! 

Gaby xoxo


Hannah said...

I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I think the second shot is brilliant x

nikol.joi said...

I love the last photo