Sunday, February 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes

1. Working on a huge wholesale order at the moment, thankfully all the cutting is now done. Its always hard when there is one of each size and colour! My wonderful interns Alice and Maria have been really great, I think Hopeless is going to reach exciting new heights this year as a result of their help!

2. I have had these illustrations Caitlin Shearer did for me some time ago now waiting to get framed, and they look so beautiful all together. I have 2 more to pick up and then I can take a picture of them all together. Caitlin's work is just getting better and better, her blog is an endless source of beauty and inspiration. If you don't know about her already go and look!

3. A vintage Playboy I found at Camberwell Market a few weeks back - I remember thinking about blogging about it but I don't know if I ever did? I have a sneaking suspicion I may have already - sorry if I you have already seen it haha, this cover is just so good!

4. A friend alerted me to this amazing vintage lingerie set on Etsy recently and I had to buy it to add to my collection. Vintage lingerie is like a reference library for me, my collection is quite small so far but its all really special. One day I have will have a room for it all.

5. Another friend gave me this beautiful teacup and saucer as a thank you, and I love it so much! My house needs more of these pretty things!

6 & 7. The bridal/honeymoon range we are shooting tomorrow - I am excited and nervous as usual. I always get worried before releasing a new collection about how it will be received. I always want the next collection to be better than the last, but you just never know how it will go! 

Gaby xoxo


Lola Devlin said...

Gaby! Gorgeous!!! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see this pics, one of these days I've got to get myself some of your stuff! xx

Anonymous said...

it looks great !

Esther said...

i love this post! the caitlin shearer illustration is so adorable too.

it's so great to see all the things that inspire hopeless. love your blog.