Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Behind The Scenes

Things have been INCREDIBLY busy around here lately, which is wonderful but it is a hard juggling act. While completing orders I am also putting together a small bridal range, attempting to build a new website, soon to be moving house, and part-time job hunting. Thankfully I have found two wonderful new interns who can help with things like blogging, sewing, posting and other bits and pieces so hopefully I won't get too overwhelmed. 

These are a couple of behind the scenes snaps of my sewing table. Working in such a small space means I have to be super organised, and I have found its much better to just work on one order at a time rather than a few at once, I just don't have the space to have more than one order on the go at a time. The new house will have a much bigger space for me to work but that is a few months away yet, can't wait!

Gaby xoxo

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Anonymous said...

this is very impressive work ( i'm am clothes making level zero)