Friday, December 31, 2010

Alison Scarpulla Photography

So yesterday as I was folding some washing I started to feel a sharp and then lingering pain across my upper back and neck - after an urgent trip to the physio it turns out that the discs between my vertebrae in my middle back have started to come apart - the result of hunching over my sewing machine, cutting on the floor as I don't have room for a cutting table in my apartment, and eating on the coffee table  because I use the dining room table as my work space. Just not looking after myself really. The physio explained it was similar to if you get a cut on your knuckle and keep bending your finger, the cut won't heal and will just get bigger. 

Thankfully it is quite early and with pilates and exercises and not doing stupid things like cutting on the floor I should be ok, but I have pretty much had to stay upright yesterday and today and have been in a huge amount of pain which sucks. And I was mid way through my big de-clutter in preparation for the New Year. So now my house is in disarray and I just have to sit here amongst the mess and stay still! At least I can do a bit of computer work, but I am really really really bad at relaxing!

Anyway, Nick and I are going to have a quiet NYE here at home with some champagne and party food and maybe some singstar, not sure what I will be able to do with this back in the state it is, but I am determined to have fun anyway!

Thank you again to everyone who has visited and commented over the past year, it means so much know that I am not talking to myself here haha!

Gaby xoxo


harbourmaster said...

Oh gosh you poor thing! Rest up, as hard as it may be. I've so enjoyed reading your blog this year, you're a wonderful and dedicated designer and I've found your journey really inspiring.

Vickie said...

Happy New Year Gaby, hope your back feels better soon - look after yourself :)

Anonymous said...

great textures

TASHA B said...


mary said...

I can so feel with you!
I am in the middle of making my diploma-collection and one week before christmas my back felt like it was made out of concrete! I got a big table for cutting now but the years before I made all my patterns and cuting on the floor, it ruined my knees!
Your label is so beautifully crafted and truly inspired, I whish you all the best in 2011!