Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bats and Cats

This photo is actually from the beginning of my crazy busy period which is showing no signs of letting up - I have 3 wholesale orders on the go amongst about 20 custom orders, all the while I have stylists visiting to use pieces for various photo-shoots, looking to move into a bigger house, looking for a new part time job, attempting to keep a clean house and trying to organise Christmas presents. Phew! Hence the slow blog updates lately!

Anyway I really liked all these shapes laid out on the table, unfortunately my current piles of sewing don't look anywhere near as pretty. I might try and organise it into a nice shape for some pictures - yes I am a FIRST CLASS procrastinator! What do you do to procrastinate?

Gaby xoxo

PS Only ONE DAY left to place international Christmas orders!!! http://hopelesslingerie.bigcartel.com/


Clare Bare said...

I think we're living parallel lives on opposite ends of the world- you appear to be a lot more organized than me though haha!

Laura said...

I look at blogs to procrastinate!! I'm blaming the heat! Too hot to work!

Your next door neighbour said...

I'm reading blogs to procrastinate too... beats doing work, even though I'm similarly overwhelmed. Le sigh!

Anonymous said...

very cute.
i read blogs to find inspiring pictures et people.

Gaby and Jane said...

Clare, If you saw the rest of my house you would see I am really not organised haha

Laura, Your next door neighbour and Tofu, Blogs are my ultimate procrastinating friend!

Gaby xo