Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art by Definatalie

Natalie Perkins is an amazingly talented artist - and I was so excited to see her sketches of some of my pieces! And on wonderfully curvy girls nevertheless, I feel like there is a new life in them. 

Natalie's blog is one I highly recommend - - she posts very thought provoking topics amongst wonderfully pretty illustrations such as these. She has made me question many of my preconceived attitudes about body image, and I really do wish her every strength in her battle against mainstream conceptions of beauty. Beauty truly does come in all shapes and sizes.

And just for a shameless plug too - I might also take this chance to remind everyone that all Hopeless pieces are made to order - if you don't find yourself amongst the measurements listed in my shop - email me. I am more than happy to create anything to your measurements :)

Gaby xoxo


Fritzi Marie said...

I am so happy to hear that you take measurements. So so so so happy.

Fritzi Marie

Fat Aus said...

these are beautiful, natalie is amazing! i also love that you take measurements, i think that's really great.