Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trial and Error

The picture above is the culmination of an entire days work. My battle with super lightweight modal jersey, my over-locker and my straight stitch machine. None of which would co-operate with each other. 

When I started my little businesses, I knew it was going to be hard, but today I am really truly feeling how hard things can actually get. I am in the midst of preparing my next range and have found myself encountering more problems than I can really manage. I am struggling a lot with my materials - as the above picture demonstrates - I am a perfectionist and I work with some of the most difficult fabrics available. I also make lingerie - one of the hardest things to master in the sewing world. I am doing this on my own, and I still work part-time to support myself. Giving up is not really an option, and I am willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to get this business going. But today, it feels like I am standing in front of the biggest brick wall known to man. 

Gaby xoxo


harbourmaster said...

Don't give up Gaby! Jersey is a bastard. Overlockers are a bastard. Lingerie is a bastard. Just punch them, have a wine, then try again tomorrow.

I am interning with a designer who has been established for about 5 years and shows at all the fashion weeks, yet she works out of her parents front rooms and starts at 7am every day of the week. It's a mugs game, but you can't let the bastards get you down.

Gaby and Jane said...

Hahhaha brilliant, have punched the jersey and am now pouring a wine :)

Thank you for the most excellent words

xoxoxox Gaby

Toad Lillie said...

Oh I hate these days too. I've never worked with jersey. I'm imagining it to be a slippery nightmare. You're a brilliant designer Gaby. Today will be better :) Looking forward to seeing your new collection! xo

Bronny said...

good luck girl! i don't know anything about sewing unfortunately but i hope you figure it out xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Gaby,
I hear you, and can totally understand what you're going through. I find it a huge struggle, especially the money part, and I do think about changing or 'giving up' all the time. You work is really wonderful though so I think you have a talent to stick with!

Jen Jen said...

Gaby your are one AMAZING woman who is doing something you love. I adore your courage, strength and determination. Like I have said a number of times I envy your job and even b y seeing how much you struggle I still envy you.

You are human (with amazing talents) so you have to make mistakes, it's in the manual when we were born.

This is on challenge and it will lead you to something BIG!


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

Don't worry, sewing IS hard! But it's also a learning process all the time.

Take your work to an open sewing studio and I'm sure the teacher's would be happy to help you. !

Gaby and Jane said...

From the bottom of my heart thank you all so much, I can't tell you how much it means to hear all these lovely words from people I admire so much

Onwards and upwards!!

Gaby xoxoxoxooxox

Krista said...

Oh Gaby I feel your pain! I always have a couple of days like these when making a new collection but isn't it the lows like these that make the highs that you usually experience a couple of days later seem so much better :)

Good luck with it!

Krista x

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to sew. Well, if I do it looks like cat's teeth. I am in total awe of you. Not only can you sew but you have so much creativity and artistic ability. Hope today is a better day xx

Tea Birds said...

I don't want to intervene, I absolutely love your creations and you're an inspiration (been a little bit of a lurker of your blog :/), but anyway, are you using a 4 thread overlocker rather than a 3 threader? 'Cause it's best to use a 4 threader for stretch materials, also a teflon foot for your straight sewer (it doesn't make the material slip).

I hope that helps, but if you already know this then please ignore me.

Keep up the hard work! And think positive!

Gaby and Jane said...

Krista - thats exactly right :) today has been so much better and I am so grateful!! :)

Divas Polish - Thank you so much :)

Tea Birds - The reason I embarked on the whole thing was because I was not happy with the way my 4 thread overlocker was coping! Basically I am finding it impossible to sew to seams together without one layer slipping, so instead of a nice join I have one layer starting about 2 cm below the other! especially difficult with diagonal seams.

thats why I was trying to experiment with my straight stitch - and the o'lock stitches on that - it just felt more secure. this time the slipping issue was sideways, the start was fine, but as I sewed a few cm's down the layers started to separate.

Anyway don't know if that makes sense at all or not, but I have resolved not to attack it again until monday!

Cirsha said...

I truly understand you. I have a lingerie small project down in the South (in Argentina) and sometimes things get really difficult but we always find de strength to carry on, don´t we?
I invite you to see my blog and Facebook page.

What you do is really amazing! Congratulations! And sorry for my poor english...
Good luck!