Friday, August 27, 2010

Money Spider

First of all just wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely comments from yesterday after my rather melancholy post. Today has turned out to be quite the opposite, with a few bits of good news early on that set me on the right track for today. 

The major one that was causing me a huge amount of grief was the location for the next Hopeless shoot - this morning I managed to secure the most perfect place that is exactly what I initially dreamed. Hurray!

1. Its quite lucky I only make little things like knickers and hair bows - I don't know how I would cope with patterns any bigger than this one.

2. I got some new glasses!

3. Making things I have made many many times before is always a good way to remind myself I can sew and it is fun, and not to get too disheartened when things like yesterday happen!

4. As I was grading a pattern I had a visit from a money spider! I am not really superstitious, except when it comes to good things - like when you see a money spider it means you are going to get lots of money?! Or something like that anyway. 

5. No fifth picture - but I have started a Tumblr blog. I would like to make this more 'Behind the Scenes' and original content, and keep the Tumblr for pretty pictures and inspiration. I like keeping things separate and simple and this feels like a good direction. Or perhaps just another distraction?!

Anyway if you feel like a visit its

Gaby xoxo

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