Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photos by Ruth Swanson

I am currently taking a forced holiday, as yesterday I fell and fractured a bone in my right hand. Not to mention some nice big grazes on my chin and nose. So no sewing for me! It has actually been a good day of rest today, and I am actually looking forward to not being allowed to do anything for a few days. I think I am in need of a re-assessment of how I am working, and figuring out how to take care of myself at the same time as having a successful business. Its a very hard balance, and I definitely have not had any time for me in a very long time. So tomorrow will be more couch and TV, ice cream and strawberries while my hand heals. 

Photos by Ruth Swanson. See more of her work here. Gaby xoxo


Ligeia said...

Recover soon missy!!
I really hope you get better asap!


harbourmaster said...

Arg that sounds painful! But also sounds like rest is a welcome thing at the moment. I can only imagine how hard it is running your business all by yourself, and as much as you may want to push yourself to work on it every minute of the day there's a lot to be said for having some down time. I hope you get better soon!

Gaby and Jane said...

Thank you!

After one day of doing (mostly) nothing I actually feel so much better already. Mind and body!

My hand is still swollen but less painful than yesterday so that is great!

Gaby xoxo

Off The Peg said...

Ohh dear, a forced slow down is perhaps a good thing. Rest and recuperation to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body. Take care.
Your work and blog are beautiful.

IFB said...

These are great photos!
Cara from IFB

Vicki said...

Oh my goodness! i hope you are ok!! def rest and relax! ice cream and tv sounds like a good plan! :) x

Natalia said...

Oh I hope you are better soon! Someone is definitely telling you - in no uncertain words - to slow down! xo

Jen Jen said...

Get better darling! Rest up with tons of food, sweets and movies :) xx