Sunday, May 23, 2010

Margaret Durow

I am absolutely in love with these simple and beautiful pictures. Usually I have hundreds of things lined up to blog about, but the past week or so I have not found much. I was so excited to come across this photographer as I feel like these pictures just really capture my mood at the moment. See more at her website here.

I have had a pretty up and down few days, as the company I work for on the weekends has gone into receivership. Its all very unclear what exactly is going to happen, but we are expecting a decision tomorrow. Who knows what that actually means though. For the most part customers have been quite understanding, and I haven't really had to tell anyone they have lost their deposits, yet. That's what we will find out tomorrow, I think. 

Not quite sure what I will do if I don't have a weekend job anymore, as Hopeless and Hopelessly Devoted are not quite ready to support me entirely. All I can do is sit tight. Gaby xoxo


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

those pictures are so serene and beautiful!
good luck with the work situation...i know how you must be feeling right now.
xoxo alison

Gaby and Jane said...

Thanks so much Alison :)

Gaby xoxo

Jen Jen said...

Oh no - It's all clicked for me now - I've been thinking "I know someone who works there"!

Thinking for you - I do hope it all turns out well with work! If not I know you'll make the right decision job wise :)

Good luck! xxx