Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Construction and Inspiration

All of the above found during this morning's blog reading. 

I am a worrier. I worry about everything. Today I am worrying about quality. I am a perfectionist about my sewing, and sometimes when I see detail shots of clothing and lingerie especially, I feel like what I do just pales into comparison when put aside some of the amazing things out there. 

Something else I am is persistent. I know that I am relatively new to the world of sewing and business owning, and today rather than let myself get down about things, ie. how I don't have access to the fabrics and trimmings I would like, how I don't have the sewing machines I would like, how I still have so much to learn about sewing - I am going to leave those feelings aside and think about how practice makes perfect, persistence is the key, and its more important to enjoy every minute of chasing your dream instead of being miserable until you get there. 

Row 1 & 2: Photography by Sofia Ajram via
Row 3, 4 & 5: Article by Susie Bubble about The Lake and Stars lingerie (What both depressed and inspired me at the same time)
Row 6: Tara Vasev's Favourite Things via
Row 7: Elizabeth Anyaa via

Gaby xoxo


Anonymous said...

Great post, I too worry about how I am going at times and find myself doubting, but having a positive belief in yourself is so important, and the persistance to get through those bad moments. Thanks for sharing as it helps to realise you are not the only worrier out there.

Beautiful images, very inspiring.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

YOU are the one who has made a beautiful line that enchants everyone who sees it! i love your work and wish i could make anything as beautiful as you do!

keep it up, doll...and don't forget that we're all our own worst critics!

Gaby and Jane said...

Thank you both so much :) Gaby xoxo

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

You can't sweat the small stuff! Just take little steps each day toward your goals & before you know it, you'll see that you've accomplished more than you could have imagined. I, too, get bogged down with my worries & lack of self confidence, but I have to remember that I won't know the outcome unless I try.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos.
And I think its healthy to doubt and worry...that means you will always improve as you will be striving for perfection.
Keep that chin up.

Giselle said...

You have a very nice blog and your work is great ♥
A big hug from Argentina.

rebecca said...

i suffer the exact same worries and always come to the same conclusion - just keep on keepin' on.. everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? and you already use beautiful fabrics and your attention to detail is noticeably impeccable. don't worry, doll, you're gonna do just fine.

Clare said...

You're work always makes me feel like anything I do would pale into insignificance! Hope you have lots more positive thoughts very soon because what you are doing is BEAUTIFUL

Gaby and Jane said...

Thank you so much everyone for the lovely words, it means so much to me!

I am actually feeling much better about things.... I can be very up and down with all of this but hey, it just makes life more exciting I guess haha :)


Treacle said...

I love seeing what inspires you. Those heart print tights are wonderful.