Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caitlin (again), Hopelessly Devoted and Beetlejuice

I had a WONDERFUL photo-shoot yesterday for Hopelessly Devoted - we had 27 accessories to shoot including bows, headbands, sleep masks, collars, and so many more. It was such a good day and I cannot wait to show everyone the pictures, it was such a great team to work with and photo-shoots are always my favourite part - as I feel like my hard work is kind of done already haha, so I can kind of relax a little bit and watch things happen. 

1. Beautiful photo by Carrie at Wish Wish Wish - I love her blog and was so excited to see this beautiful picture of the illustrations Caitlin Shearer did for Hopeless a little while ago.

2. Custom order I did last week for one of my best customers :) I love doing custom orders and this turned out so well. I was going to actually include this in the new range but didn't have time to make another before yesterday. 

3. Experimenting with a sleep mask for the new range. It took a couple of goes to get this one right, I originally wanted a dupion silk frill, but the fabric was too heavy and it turned out very uneven, so I tried lightweight georgette and it worked much better. (The photo we got of this yesterday was definitely one of my favourites!)

4. This was the range I based on Beetlejuice. It is definitely a loose connection, but you will see it if you look hard enough! I actually just watched a lot of Tim Burton when I was making all these pieces, so there is a little bit of it all in there. 

Gaby xoxo


♥Lola said...

I adore the lilac headband, it's gorgeous :) Pity it's a one-off!

Anonymous said...

wow...that bow is gorgeous.
and I love the beetlejuice reference.
I feel like watching edward scissorhands now haha.

Jen Jen said...

OOhhhh that's MINE :) I was wearing it today and had sooo many comments on it :) It loookkks awesome :) Thank you the creator :)

Oh Gaby you made my day :))) Thank you - your the one who makes BEAUTIFUL things that I happen to have a BIG obsession for :D

I just made a count of how many of your bows I have = 8 All in a special Hopeless Box :)
Oh bettlejuice :) can't wait to see the new range

Your doing amazing Gaby x