Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another photographer - Lissy Elle

Images with people are from a series entitled 'Morbidity' by Lissy Elle - see a lot more at her Flickr here. Other landscape images from my 'Art' folder - sadly I do not know who they are by!

I am working on the new Hopeless range at the moment, and instead of designing individual pieces I am thinking more about how the whole collection will photograph, and really more designing pieces for a character in a story. I am thinking about including some much more extravagant pieces, not thinking so much if things are 'wearable' or 'sellable' but being a little more free with just making amazing things. Well I hope they turn out amazing at least! Gaby xoxo

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Krista said...

Starting a new collection is exciting isn't it! I finally just finished my Winter collection and did the photoshoot yesterday, YAY. Now I get to move onto a new collection too! Can't wait to see the extravagant pieces you come up with , I'm sure they'll be amazing!