Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liberty, A Pinwheel and Igor Drozdowski

Top: Beautiful photography by Igor Drozdowski.  
Middle: Pile of navy knickers I am trying to get through. Tried to make myself believe I could do 10 in one day - got half way through. Hoping I will get the rest finished today and tonight.  
Bottom: A pinwheel idea I am working on for something. Can't reveal too much! Feeling a little stressed today, so many people waiting for orders, sewing by myself everyday, going as fast as I can but still getting lots of messages from customers wondering where their knickers are. I am going as fast as I can! Gaby xoxo


Jen Jen said...

Oh no - don't feel stressed!
I would sew with you if I knew how to so you won't feel so stressed

Your doing an amazing job :)

Lulu said...

i agree with Jen Jen =]