Sunday, February 28, 2010

Construction and Inspiration

I saved the top images recently but only made a note of 'Natalia' which I'm pretty sure is the model Sorry I don't know anything else! I love the simplicity of the shots. 

Below is some in progress shots of the Meadow Camisole - one of my most expensive pieces. It is very time consuming to make - and I am pretty pedantic about things sitting perfectly - hence the millions of pins! Not sure if these sort of pictures are as of much interest to people, but I am really trying to post more original content here, instead of just re-posting things that are a million other places!

Oh and the bottom pictures are just my shelves with little piles of lingerie.

Thanks again for all the competition entries - keep them coming!

Gaby xoxo


Online Tutor said...

Hi Gaby

I really like the progress shots! When you include a progress shot, I would be interested in learning more about the piece you are working on. For example, some information about the fabric you are using and why you chose that particular fabric.


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

your blog is consistently a delight to visit...i love those top 'mystery' photos. i don't know where they're from either.
i'm due for another post about your brand on my blog...let me know if there's anything new i should keep an eye out for.
xox alison

Gaby and Jane said...

Amanda - Thats a great idea, I will definitely write more about fabric and other details :)

Alison - Thank you and yes I will be sure to keep you posted!

Clare said...

I love your in progress shots, so interesting to see how much work goes into making your garments. It does make me very much want to be sewing myself though, which makes my temporary lack of sewing machine all the more painful!

Laura said...

I like the shots of your work; it makes it more personal and reminds us that all your lingerie is hand made by you! Not mass produced in china. It has heart and soul!

bonkahs said...

I'm loving the progress shots. The amount of intricacy you put in your work is amazing.