Sunday, January 3, 2010


This year I would love to work on more one-off pieces. I get very frustrated when I have to make the same thing more than once. Which is terrible considering the way my business is going at the moment, I mean don't get me wrong that doesn't mean I don't put love and care into everything I make! Its just that the most joy comes from that first one, where you can see your vision come to life. Gaby xoxo


Amie said...

i totally get what you mean!

after making my first heart dress, it was for me initially, and it felt fantastic to have seen a vision of mine come to fruition

but after having to do it over and over (to make up stock to sell at my stall) the buzz wears off and then i start to feel like a corporate machine haha

doing more one-off projects is a great goal :)

x amie

Gaby and Jane said...

I wish more than anything I could only do one offs! Its just really not feasible tho :(

Ah well - maybe I will have to settle for Few of a kind hahaa