Monday, January 25, 2010

Market Finds

I always have ideas for weekly habits that never seem to last longer than a week. Lets try another one and see if it lasts! I went to the Camberwell Market yesterday and decided from now on it is a weekly event. Also a blog post about my finds on Monday morning. I got up at 6am today and took these photos an hour later - I am really glad to have found a pretty photo taking place in my house. These are from our bedroom window. I am so enjoying early mornings at the moment, after getting up at 5am to see my Featured Seller spot I have been making a massive effort with early nights and early mornings. Anyway I spent $80 on all of the above yesterday, which I think is a pretty great effort. 

Top left is a fuschia pink silk 80s dress with detachable peplum sleeves. The skirt is a little tight but hopefully my weight loss plan will let me fit into it soon. The green cardigan is angora and the white shirt is silk. I found a bag of beautiful vintage millinery flowers and also a bag full of little metal pieces which the seller told me she bought from a lady who used to make shoes in the 50s. I will most likely make hair combs and headbands out of them all. Gaby xoxo


Anonymous said...

wow...great finds.
your market plan sounds wonderful.
i miss camberwell markets!

Mecino said...

great finds at Camberwell market :)

I went about 2 weeks ago, but it wasnt a good day, I got there early and it started to rain, some sellers werent there, others were packing up, although it was early :(

I especially love the cardigons that you found :)