Monday, November 23, 2009

501 Posts & Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

I actually really wanted to do something special with the 500th post, but it just kind of went by and I didnt even realise! Things have been quite hectic with work and so unfortunately I haven't had too much blogging time. And we also shot the 3rd Hopeless range yesterday! The pictures are incredible, I feel so blessed to have such an amazing team of friends to work with and who support my dreams. I am absolutely dying to put them up, but of course there is editing to do, so sit tight! In the meantime, The lovely Esme and the lane way passed on a little quiz, and I also think I might do a little Beetlejuice range of accessories next for Hopelessly Devoted. Gaby xoxo

1.Where is your phone? In my bag
2.Your hair?
Fuzzy, curly, up
3.Your Mother? At a study group
4.Your Father? At home
5.Your favourite food? Almost everything, I love baking and trying new things. At the moment I love green food - cucumber, mint, spinach, beans, lime.
6.Your dream last night? I found these weird bugs with Nick, they were like crickets but crossed stick insects, and they had a little saddle and these tiny snails riding on their backs. I screamed and one flew into my mouth and I majorly freaked out and it was all stuck in my mouth. I blame watching Beetlejuice just before bedtime.
7.Your favourite drink? Fresh orange juice
8.Your dream/goal? To turn Hopeless into a successful international brand, while still making everything by hand in studio with a small team of friends.
9.What room are you in? My workspace/livingroom/diningroom. (Its all one big room)
10.Your hobbie? Sewing, drawing, watching movies, crochet, painting

11.Your fear? Failure
(12. is missing)
13.Where were you last night? In bed watching Beetlejuice on my laptop
14.Something that your not? Confident
15.Muffins? White chocolate and banana with passionfruit ganache. (My own very delicious invention)
16.Wishlist item? Anything Chanel and/or Sonia Rykiel
17.Where did you grow up? In Melbourne

18.Last thing you did? Ate too much kebab
19.What are you wearing? Leggings and a leopard print top
20.Your TV? Hamish and Andy
21.Your pets? None :(
22.Friends? My best friend lives in the country
23.Your life? Mostly on track
24.Your mood? Comme ci comme ca
25.Missing someone? Not really

26.Vehicle? Non existent - Nick lets me borrow his car though
27.Something your not wearing? Socks
28.Your favourite store? Second hand
29.Your Favourite colour? Shades of red and pink


30.When was the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago when Nick did a little dance in the kitchen
31.The last time you cried? A couple of days ago? I cry all the time haha its no big deal

32.Your best friend? Nick
33.One place that I go to over and over? The new dvd shop on Burwood Rd
34.Facebook? Yes
35.Favourite place to eat? Porgie and Mr Jones, Taco Bill, Colonel Tans, many little places in Chinatown


Heather M said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for a Beetlejuice inspired line! We just watched that movie again recently. We all love it and even my little boy liked it!

Rezzy said...

Oh, a Beetlejuice colection would be so adorable! I would love it! Really! I hope you really do that! I loveeee Beetlejuice (that's why my twitter account is "beetlerezzy" hehe).

esme and the lane way said...

Yayyy! Thanks for doing it :) I loved reading your answers.
I cannot wait to see the results of your new collection, I love your stuff so much!