Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Think Too Much

I am one of those lucky people blessed with the gift of major over analysing. My brain never stops going, and it is very frustrating. Especially when I come across negative comments about my work. I wish I could just switch off, listen to the advice I would give a friend in my situation. But instead I sit and mull over words from strangers who know nothing about me or my business. It will never stop me from doing what I love, but it does put a chink in my armour. To all the other creative types out there, how do you deal with the negativity and just get on with it? Gaby xoxo


Natalia said...

This is me too. I just think how much of my power I am giving over to those people, and in effect, how I am letting them "win". Try it. And in the meantime - hugs! xoxo

Gaby and Jane said...

That is reeeeaaaaallly good advice.

A much better thing to focus on!!

Wikifashion said...

I had the same problem at the start- negativity is so easy to get you down. However I decided to look for the positive in their comments, something I could use to improve my work. If it's just plain negative and nothing good could come of it, I do the same as Natalia suggested! Anyway I have seen you lingerie, I don't know how anyone could be negative towards it. Your collections are exquisite :)

Natalie said...

Reading my twitter feed this morning, I came across your blog and a few other wonderful links, and I started over-analysing myself and whether or not I should just give up!!

I think we all do it, to some extent. Eventually I find my self-deprecating phases cycle around to being inspired and working furiously... if you let your passion drive you, you won't let the over-thinking guide you for long!

Friend in Fashion said...

I am exactly the same! Agree with Natalia! :)

Gaby and Jane said...

Thanks so much everyone, it is really appreciated :)

It feels wonderful to know how much support there is out there when I really need it!!

Clare said...

I'm exactly the same (so not much help unless you were under the impression you were alone in the world of over-analysing... unlikely!)

However I find your work incredibly inspiring and I really hope these negative comments don't get you down for long because that would be a big shame.

Anonymous said...

I love your work, and so do all my friends. Don't let what other people say interfere. Usually they're just jealous, or insecure about themselves or their work.

What was it that Holly Golighty said? If there's merde on your shoe, wipe it off :-)

bises xx