Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kahn, Mondrian and Laurent

I watched a great documentary the other night 'My Architect', about a son's journey to find out more about his father - American architect Louis Kahn. It is a story about so many different things, and really reminded me of my love for modern architecture. I took a few architecture subjects at uni and it all started coming back to me, so I have been reading up on it all the past few days. I have found yet another endless supply of inspiration. The top pictures are of Louis Kahns Salk Institute.

There is obviously a close link with modern art, and also fashion, and what better example of art inspiring fashion than Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian Dress from 1965. Obviously a very literal translation of this work of art, there are so many lines and shapes to inspire a collection in any building. I like thinking about taking something as cold and hard as steel and concrete and translating the lines into cloth. The same goes for canvas and paint.

One day I would love to do a Le Corbusier collection. Starting with Villa Savoye. So many great lines. Gaby xoxo

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