Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finding Inspiration in the Dark

Work was fairly quiet today and so I spent most of the day on the internet, reading random pieces of information about some very random subjects, and have now found myself very inspired. I love how these feelings can overwhelm you every so often, and especially when it happens unexpectedly.

I started reading a conspiracy theory forum, which I visit mostly for entertainment value and little else. I found a thread about a giant freshwater octopus that is rumoured to live in one of the huge lakes in north america somewhere - and spent the next hour imagining what a great film that could make. I am talking B Grade type of comedy horror about a giant killer octopus that traumatizes a small local fishing town. (It works in my head ok haha) I hope one day I can be involved in film making, not even necesserily in the costume department. Even just being a runner or something.

From there I started reading about the mythology of vampires and the gruesome stories about Vlad the Impaler. I love cryptozoology (the study of creatures which are rumoured to exist but no actual proof has been found) and would love to do more ranges based around these creatures. Whether it be direct inspiration or the stories surrounding them. From mummies to bigfoot to loch ness - there is so much history and mythology that I find fascinating and so much more interesting than mainstream history.

Amongst the other things I read about were sleep paralysis, the benefits of hemp fabric, fluoride treatments in water, childhood fear of the dark, chlorine vs peroxide and a few more.

I really like the thought that inspiration can be taken from dark ideas and turned into beautiful things, be that art or design or a thought. One of the main reasons I love scary movies are their visual aesthetic and the mood it creates.

I am not entirely sure what the point of this ramble is, other than I hope I can remember this feeling, that inspiration can truly be found anywhere, and that I can embrace it and take advantage of it. Put it into my art, and maybe inspire others to do the same. Gaby xoxo

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Ally said...

Thoroughly thought-provoking post. Hope you don't mind I posted a link to it on my blog with said provoked thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration :)