Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Donna

Its so funny how fashion goes full cycle. I remember being an 11 year old - OBSESSED with Beverly Hills 90210. I even had a matching tracksuit from Target. Not long ago I started re-watching the series, and oh my goodness, the clothes. Donna Martin somehow has become my style icon. Her outfits are so fantastic, sometimes outlandish, but sadly also suited to her tiny figure. Which alas I am about 6 months of running and salads away from. But in the meantime I can dream of wearing highwaisted denim shorts, lace, floral and bustiers all summer long.
From top - High, Bow detail corset top, Topshop
Fluoro Rose Playsuit, Cheap Monday Brenda Bodysuit in Black


Penny said...

the gingham! love it!

TheAcademy said...

Kelly Bundy had it way more together.

PS Cheap Monday Bodysuit is still available at theacademylb.com

Binx said...

Oh my god! I absolutely love Beverly Hills 90210! Have seasons 1-6 right now and am waiting for the next to come out on DVD :) love Donna's fashion choices, but Kelly remains my favourite..