Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Mark of Zorro

I went to the dvd shop this afternoon and they accidentally gave me 'The Mark of Zorro' (1940) in the case of one of the films I picked. To my delight this was a fantastic film, usually I watch old films for costumes and for the whole visual experience, but this was actually funny and really charming too. I immediately thought of this shoot from Vogue Nippon, I am not sure of any other details, but that lace just always stuck in my mind. Gaby xoxo


Anonymous said...

great blog!I would also love to link exchange! Great job! Keep up the creativity! Let me know about link exchanging/adding follower :)

Gaby and Jane said...

Thank you! When I have some spare minutes I am going to put together a proper big blog roll, so I will be sure to include you!

Gaby xoxo