Monday, June 15, 2009


Came across a lovely lingerie brand this morning - Eco-Boudoir. There are some very lovely simple styles and also some printed silk - quite plain but pretty nonetheless. I love that there are other brands out there trying to do what I am doing, but its also frustrating to see all these beautiful organic fabrics and have NO idea where I could find them in Australia! As much as I love our country, it really upsets me that the organic fabric industry is so struggling here. It is pretty much non-existent. And so for people like me, I have to pay big dollars to get the fabric from overseas - and then when you consider the transport and the effect that has on the environment, I almost feel like it cancels itself out. What to do what to do. Anyone know of any secret suppliers?!


Kirsten Moore said...

this is a difficult situation for us independent designers. on one hand we do all we can to be eco-friendly, on the other we are expected to keep our prices 'reasonable', not to mention being able to source materials without having to buy industrial quantities. i have all but given up on finding alternatives to the traditional materials that i have been using. someone out there could make a killing doing eco-friendly wholesale fabrics and findings; not just in australia, but in the u.s. as well.

Ruby-Jo said...

If I find any I will let you know Gaby. It's so hard to find suppliers because a lot of people just don't want to give out that information.

Gaby and Jane said...

It really feels like such an impossible situation - but there is a way to go before I give up on it!

Have just had a few emails from china, and have found a bamboo manufacturer but their minimums are 200 kilos :(