Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cindy, Millie and Marc Jacobs

So I spent the past hour doing screen grabs and photoshopping these 2 big collages, but they looked rubbish and I figure I can illustrate my point just as well with a few pictures. Anyway, I only recently discovered Freaks n Geeks, and it has quickly shot to the top of my favourites list. You have Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Siegel, amongst so many other recognisable faces at high school in the early 1980s. Its funny, captivating, moving, and the clothes are fantastic. Its just on the border of 2 styles, not quite 70s, not quite 80s. Whoever was in charge of wardrobe has done a brilliant job of capturing their awkwardness and there is no one I would love more to do a Freaks n Geeks tribute than Marc Jacobs.

He has taken this kind of geekery and modified it. I would love to see Cindy and Millie (the hot girl and the nerd share more similarities than differences) made over in Marc Jacobs. They both have the gangly, other wordly looks of models just before they grow into themselves. I had a hard time picking outfits for them as there were just too many that would suit, but here are my offerings. Gaby.

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anja louise said...

Cute post! I loved Freaks & Geeks, still so hard to believe that it was canceled after the first season. I did a re-watch a while back, still as good as ever!