Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sam Weber

So Sam Weber is actually Jillian Tamaki's husband. Can you imagine the kids they would have?! Actual Michelangelo. I absolutely love the style of all of his paintings. They are so haunting yet gentle at the same time. There are similar colours to Jillian's palette but these have a much darker mood. There are heaps more at his website. I would highly recommend looking closely at them all! I think I get frustrated when drawing that I cannot create things like this straight off, and I get so frustrated when the image in my head just won't translate to paper. Obviously these guys have spent years studying and training, but I still get this thing in my head that says "It's crap" and I give up haha. Ah well, maybe I will just stick to sewing and patterns and just enjoy other peoples art.

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Poke Salad Annie said...

such exquisite work! and i know what you mean, i have the "it's crap" voice too. don't listen to it! :)